Final Fantasy Versus XIII designer Tetsuya Nomura recently appeared on a Square Enix radio program and was asked the question on everyone's mind: When will there be new Final Fantasy Versus XIII info?

Nomura seemed to be in good spirits about the question and said, "If we're talking about when there will be news, MD (Square Enix's shop) put out something on the perfume. Man, that turned into a big mess, didn't it?"

Earlier this year, Square Enix's figurine brand manager tweeted a photo of a perfume based on Final Fantasy Versus XIII's protagonist.

Nomura added, "Even within the company, news about Versus is a sensitive issue. Very sensitive."


"We've been silent for the past year," Nomura continued in the radio interview, "but we've already picked a day to announce specific info. Bit by bit, we are in the process of getting ready for that."

"Last year we didn't announce anything about the game," reiterated Nomura. "To be honest, I talked about releasing new info, but wasn't able to, and I'd like to apologize for that."

In spring 2012, Nomura seemed ready to talk about the game, saying they had finished preparing the latest Versus info. Oddly, he then added, "Because of a totally unrelated reason, there are circumstances in which that info cannot be released."


Also in the recent radio interview, Nomura said, "When we make the announcement, at that time we'll also reveal the reason for that delay."

"I'm sorry there are things I can't yet talk about, but please wait a little longer." Waiting is something that Final Fantasy fans are now pros at.


It's worth nothing that in the radio interview, Nomura only referred to the game as "Versus" and not "Final Fantasy Versus XIII".

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