Leave it to the folks over at NeoGAF to ruin a perfectly pleasant developer diary with their keen eyes and unrelenting curiosity. This video is the 6th in a series of dev diaries released by Lionhead for Fable II, mainly dealing with the process of taking a character from concept art to living, breathing virtual human being. Perfectly enjoyable fluff until the GAFers step in and notice Peter Molyneux's notepad at around 40 seconds in. Along with some notes on fitting the game on a DVD and something about a Cliff, Peter writes the month October and places a box around it, leading to speculation that the game will be released that month.

Others in the NeoGAF forums point out that things still look a bit rough for an October release, though of course we're only seeing what Lionhead wants us to see. I've been known to take notes while on phone calls only to discover later that what I've written down had exactly no bearing on anything whatsoever. Perhaps he just loves the word October. Certainly is a very earthy word.

Lionhead Video Diary 6 (Fable II) [NeoGaf Forums - Thanks Fritz!]