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New DSi Colours Announced for Europe

Illustration for article titled New DSi Colours Announced for Europe

Due Oct. 23, Europe will get metallic blue, light blue and red, preloaded with Flipnote Studio and Facebook. Also, buying one and taking it to the Nintendo DSi Shop over the Wi-Fi Connection will get 1,000 free DSi points.


The points offer is good from the date of release until March 2010. There was also an announcement of a new game due out the same day - Nintendo Presents: Style Boutique. In it, players act as a store consultant picking out stock to build a successful store. Exquisite!

New European DSi Colours Dated [Eurogamer]

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Good day, chap.

I'm honestly sick of all the DSes. Make one model and stick with it, k? I just KNOW the DSi will get replaced with a new model next year, then a year after that? New DS all together. Or a new Gameboy.