New DS Colour Scheme For Guitar Hero DS

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I'm officially losing track of the number of DS colour revisions we've seen in the past year or so. So I'd love to tell you this is the 17th such change to hit the market, but I couldn't back that up with hard numbers, so let's instead shoot for the moon and say that this black & silver DS, minted solely for inclusion in a Guitar Hero DS bundle, is the 1,174th new DS for the year. And possibly the worst. Not for the classy black/silver colour scheme, which is, yes, classy, but for the fact classy is not rock. That and that GH logo had better be easy to scratch off.


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I'd prefer the zelda one again. Or Nintendogs. That was cute. I'd rather rock a pink paw print than some giant GUITAR HERO logo.

But since i can't find any Zelda DS's and everyone on ebay is trying to sell them for like 400 dollars im just going to stick with the black