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New Digimon TV Anime Reboot Coming This Spring

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Screenshot: Digimon
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The Digimon TV anime is back. The original series debuted in 1999, and the reboot will begin airing this April in Japan.


According to ANN, the series is set in the year 2020 and features an all-new story starring Taichi (aka “Tai”) and the reptile Digimon Agumon. 

Have a look at the first trailer:

While the teaser is in English, it reads “on air in Japan.” It sounds like the international release is still TBA. 

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It’s worth explaining to anyone who isn’t a Digimon fan but vaguely remembers it that this series already looks starcrossed.

It is at once an Adventure series (Nothing Digimon Adventure has been good since the original Digimon Adventure), the eighth season of digimon (To date every even numbered season of Digimon have been to varying extents bad), and was marketed alongside Digimon Adventure Tri as the thing that’ll follow it up in spirit (which feels bad when Tri cratered hard enough to wipe out the dinosaurs).

I don’t say that this reboot is necessarily doomed, but again, starcrossed. It could turn out great, but at this moment in time? I’d say don’t bet on it.