New Digimon Game Gives Fans A Taste Of Super Smash Bros.

Despite its loyal fanbase, Digimon has long played second fiddle to Pokémon. Tired of having all their digital monsters left out of the party that is Super Smash Bros. in favor of the company's more recognizable characters like Pac-Man, Bandai Namco announced today that it's making its own multiplayer arena brawler.


It's called Digimon All-Star Rumble. And it looks like a lot of fun, even for the less seasoned virtual pet collectors among us:

Namco just announced the game, so we don't know that much about it yet. But the thing that sticks out to me that will make or break All-Star Rumble is the Digi-volving feature, which allows fighters to change into different forms in the middle of a match.


"By powering up in battle, players can Digi-volve into a much more powerful form, creating a unique combat atmosphere where players must balance attacking while simultaneously attempting to Digi-volve and gain the upper hand," a press release for the game notes. Up to four people can play against each other in a given match. And judging by the gameplay footage in the trailer, it looks Digimon All-Star scratches a very similar itch for players itching for the silliness and chaos of a good Super Smash Bros. match.

Hype aside, the transformation-friendly gameplay also sounds like a neat mechanic for a casual multiplayer-friendly fighting game to play around with. Or it could just be a gimmick that makes matches overwhelmingly chaotic and confusing. Either way, fans will be able to find out for themselves on November 11th, when the game comes out for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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I always felt like Digimon was a completely mishandled franchise. It has historically been better than Pokemon at the actual RAISING of your little digital critters, which is kind of the appeal as it came from old Tomodachi devices, but they haven't even really done THAT well. Just better than Pokemon's arcane and completely unintuitive breeding/raising/training mechanics.

Sadly, I don't anticipate this game having much of a training aspect. I would love to see them capitalize on this niche like they tried (and ultimately failed) to do with Digimon World Championship. There was a mote of a great idea in that game, but it was ultimately mishandled. I just think that's the way Digimon should be going.

Though, that being said, this sounds like it could be a neat direction for the series to go as well since Nintendo seems utterly unwilling to make anything of Pokemon battles other than boring turn-based back-and-forths. I don't think this is the BEST way to capitalize on Digimon's unique premise, but at least they're trying. Ultimately, this game sounds like it'll be pretty fun, so all my whining aside, I'm pretty psyched to hear about it.