New Caps, Old Parks Welcome You Back to The Show

Do sports video games deserve a spoiler alert? If I don't put one here, I'm sure someone will complain about it. Over the weekend I heard various reports of MLB 13 The Show being sold before it's supposed to hit shelves next week. Someone got their hands on a copy and have been feeding Operation Sports all kinds of good stuff from within the game, including that nice opening cinematic (above), which you'll probably watch once and then button through after getting the game. Still, I like the effects with Bryce Harper's eyeblack and cover star Andrew McCutcheon sliding into the scorebook.


Other tidbits: Ten classic stadiums are offered free on the disc (nine if you don't consider Sun Life Stadium to be a classic. It's a dump.) They used to be a premium add-on. Everyone's new batting practice cap appear to be among the uniform options. And there are the remainder of the seven new minor league ballparks the game gets this year. In addition to the previously announced Crystal Falls Stadium, Bayfront Park and Statesman Park, you get Water Ridge Field, Ironhorse Stadium, Industry Center Stadium, and Capitol Field (with a sweet statehouse dome in the distance).


MLB 13 The Show arrives March 5 for the PS3 and Vita.

YouTube video uploaded by Operation Sports

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Burt Macklin

That is one hell of a crazy Starting Line Up... Got Chills with Bautista still!! Hopefully, the Blue Jays will be solid this year.. They are definitely all in..