New Brothers In Arms Title is Basically Inglorious Basterds: The Video Game

Illustration for article titled New emBrothers In Arms/em Title is Basically emInglorious Basterds: The Video Game/em

Gearbox Studios will be releasing a new game in the Brothers in Arms series, it was revealed today during Ubisoft's E3 press conference.


Fans of the old games may want to be wary, though: it sounds like the tone of the series is shifting slightly, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford saying that we'll see soldiers whose favourite thing in the world is "kicking Nazi ass", and you'll be engaged in some "gleeful killing".


How gleeful? Your four squadmates will use electricity, a branding iron, tomahawks and a mini-gun reespectively.

Meaning, it's more Brothers in Arms: Inglorious Basterds than your daddy's Brothers in Arms.

The new game is called Brothers in Arms: Furious 4, and it'll be out in 2012.

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Soooo basically, "Hey, Borderlands was really popular, and DNF is shaping up to sell really well. I guess people want more comedy in their video games? Someone call the BiA team!"?

I kid, I kid. I've never played this series, but isn't the whole idea to have multiple franchises with different feels, I.E., a comedy (Borderlands), a drama (BiA), and a franchise that should have died 12 years ago (DNF)? It just seems like if they wanted to make a comedy shooter, they could've made Borderlands 2 instead.