New Blade Runner Movie is a Sequel, Features Same Writer & Director [Update]

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While we've known for a while that Ridley Scott was working on a new Blade Runner movie, the project got a lot more exciting today with word that he'll be joined on the project by Hampton Fancher - who wrote the 1982 original - and that this will be a sequel.


I don't know which level of my consciousness is most excited about this: the movie buff, the sci-fi nerd, the design lover or the video game fan. I'll settle for all of the above.

No specific plot details were provided on the flick, which isn't expected to start filming until at least 2013 (and which won't be starring Harrison Ford), but a press release did mention it would be set "some years after the first film concluded", and "is intended to be a sequel to the renowned original".

For a look at some of the best games heavily inspired by Blade Runner, check out this Total Recall piece I did on the film's legacy last year.

UPDATE - Seems the film will star a "female protagonist".

Original BLADE RUNNER Screenwriter to Pen Sequel for Ridley Scott; Follow-Up Takes Place "Some Years" After First Film [Collider]



Thirty years later...but then again...they'd really need to tap into the science fiction roster of actors and actresses in today's age to pull of a possible sequel. The original had Harrison Ford, Edward James Olmos, Rutger Hauer, and Darryl Hannah amongst a few other subtle names. Who do we have from this time period that could fit?

For one...somehow I could see Nathan Fillion in a role similar to what Deckard had. Don't know how or why...but I think of Mal Reynolds or Castle's own protagonist as befitting a lead role.