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New Bill Wants To Turn Game Labels, Sale Restrictions Into Law

Democratic congressman Jim Matheson has introduced a bill known as "H.R. 287", which is the latest attempt to introduce tighter controls on the way video games are sold in the United States.


Despite the presence of ESRB labels on games sold in the US, and retailer policy to forbid the sale of adult-only games to minors, the bill seeks to..."require ratings label on video games" and "prohibit the sales and rentals of adult-rated video games to minors."

In other words, turn what's currently custom—ESRB ratings aren't legally binding—into law.


H.R.287 - To require ratings label on video games and to prohibit the sales and rentals of adult-rated video games to minors [Congress, via Game Politics]

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So if we want to be safe from maniacs with guns, then we have to give up some of our first amendment rights?