New Battlefield Game's Footage Leaks. It Has POLICE BIKES.

YouTube user Freddy Dance has posted what he claims to be footage from a beta for the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline. You know. The Battlefield game with cops in it.


This is the second clip to have leaked from the game, the first being an early trailer that was six months old. This is obviously much more recent.

He doesn't really do's an empty server, so he just runs around shooting weapons and driving vehicles, including a chopper. But that giant police bike....YES.

Illustration for article titled New emBattlefield/em Games Footage Leaks. It Has POLICE BIKES.

We're contacting EA for comment, and will update if we hear back.

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Mortal Dictata

The sudden increase in the 'leaking' of market material in the last couple of years makes me suspicious. It seems that publishers have caught on and are 'leaking' small bits of low value material to keep people interested (as people now jump at the word leak) while keeping all the high value information for the official launch.