New Battlefield 3 Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer

Finally, the chance to watch DICE's shiny Frostbite 2 engine get put through its paces in nearly two minutes of multiplayer mayhem. The clip showcases action from all the multiplayer maps shipping on the disc. The game's massive destructibility looks like it's going to radically change the experience of online warfare. One minute you're in a building taking cover, the next, the building's on you taking your life.

The trailer also lets viewers peek at part of the Back to Karkand expansnsion pack, which polishes up classic maps from Battlefield 2 for use in that game's sequel.

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I just don't think this game will be nearly as fun to play as it looks in this trailer. I mean, the first time you jump off that cliff will be really cool, right? But then you'll probably die shortly after landing. A sniper or something. Then you're back up on the base. Jump again! Yay! After a while it's like "I don't want to jump. I just want to play."

A lot of the cool firefights they show aren't very realistic, either. If there are that many people around you shooting, you don't get to just run around and look cool. You die. People aren't stupid. They're going to kill you quickly. And with this game (as it was in BFBC2), almost all deaths are instantaneous. No chance to hide or counter. Bang, dead. Now look at your killer and all his awesome gear. Yeah, he's a total badass.

Then it's back to waiting to spawn. The rest of your squad died, too, so you have to pick some point way back on the map. Maybe there's a vehicle to help make the trip back to the action a little better, but not always. So then you have to walk. But of course, that makes you an easy target for snipers.

Spawn again.

You get a vehicle this time, but no one wants to hop in as gunner. So you're just driving. There aren't any enemies around you anyway, so it wouldn't mean anything to have a gunner. No awesome vehicle battle. Just driving.

You finally make it back to the objective just in time to notice that time's up. Your team lost because no one really worked together. People ran around blindly or camped the good vehicles. Just a bunch of lone wolves trying to do whatever they felt like doing.

The next map begins to load. You contemplate playing another match, but then you remember. You're halfway through the fourth chapter of Phoenix Wright. You should finish that shit. It's a good game.

BF3 looks really fun. Seriously, it does. Just look at that trailer! But I know I'd have to play at least 10 matches before I would be put on a team of competent people who would assist me in having a fun experience. I just don't get it.