New Batman: Arkham City Screens Almost Look Too Good To Be True

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These twenty new screen shots of Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham City are so impressive, so easy on the eyes that more cynical gamers might cry "Bullshot!" But if you played Arkham Asylum, you know Batman games can look this good.


Batman looks tough. Catwoman looks super sexy. As does the much improved Harley Quinn. Two Face looks revoltingly charred and the thugs roaming the streets of the new Arkham are loaded with creepy personality. What's not to like?

I suppose Batman: Arkham City's far off release date—it hits in the fall of 2011—could be filed under unlikable.


Konstantin Art

You know, Rocksteady Studios is continue to surprise me.

Arkham Asylum was first really quality Batman game.

What is important, it was kinda mature game, without some serious compromises made for profits and ESRB ratings.

What I think is a brave decision, especially for the game based on comics universe.

Many just didn't expect that game based on comics can be that good.

I am definitely have enjoyed my playthrough of Arkham Asylum.

Despite the looks of villains, that I wasn't so comfortable with.I think they just looks kinda out of place.

Especially Joker, his look was too strongly based on early comics which is I think isn't perfectly matches with the rest of the game villains.

I mean, in natural surroundings of the game or the naturally looking human characters, Joker was kinda out of the place.

I really had enjoyed the game, but that incompatible was the basic flaw of the game that I didn't like.

And this is why Rocksteady is continue to surprise me!

Because even if they was brave enough to decide to create the game with decent mature content it is looks even more cool that they continue to pushing the boundaries.

Arkham City characters looks even more dark and vicious than the first game.

I really respect them for that.That they decide to make the game even more adult.

Just look at that Two-Face.I am very doubt that any parents want their kids to play the game with such scary naturally looking scary character:)

I think it is even a little over the top to make such gruesome looking face.

But in terms of art Arkham City is just amazing work.

I really like the fidelity of textures and how they draw the opponents.

Just look at the picture #8.I think we don't see so often such level of details.

Even AAA titles sometimes don't put so much effort in creating characters.

Mass Effect for example, even if it is one of my favorite games.

I was impressed with new, more realistic looks of Harley Quinn.But in the same time that tweak made her looks little unfamiliar.

And Catwoman look also was really strange.

Looks like Rocksteady Studios want to add even more realism to Batman game but in the same time here we have that Catwoman, who looks like some pin-up gal of 50s.

I don't understand why the want to add a sex appeal to the character with such cheap trick like to show some bare part of her body.

I don't think that will have some utilitarian meaning.At least she will ...nah, nevermind;)

Yeah, and that goggles made her already cartoonish appearance looks even more childish.

Hope developers will tweak something in the final version.

Well, start to finish my rant, I probably sounds like some fan boy:)

Who I am not, at least because I not live in USA, where the entire culture of comics was born:)

Damn, I wonder why am I wrote so much about such, even nice, game.

I think I have no answer, even if Arkham Asylum not some big arty or one of the genre-changing titles:)