New Batch Of DSiWare Contains Cards, Clocks, And Chotto Games

While the rest of the world awaits the opportunity to upgrade hardware we were perfectly satisfied with in the first place, Nintendo readies the second wave of downloadable titles for DSiWare.

If you thought the first batch of DSiWare was impressive, then your delusional mind will absolutely reel at the latest list. Have you ever used your DS as an alarm clock? Well for 200 DSiPoints you can do the same thing, only with three different times and custom alarm clock sounds! For 500 DSiPoints you can download a rail map, which is very handy if you are in or plan on visiting Japan any time soon.


Along with the utilities come the games. There are a couple of new Art Style titles - PicoPict and Somnium - both puzzle games for 500 points a pop. You can pick up Spider Solitaire for 200 points, or opt for the second Adobi Taizen card collection, which contains Blackjack, Page One, American Page One, Daifugou, and Poker.

Finally there are two mini or chotto versions of established titles, with Chotto Panel de Pon (Planet Puzzle League) and another puzzler, Chotto Suujin Taisen, priced at 500 points.

While it doesn't seem like all that attractive a lineup, people do silly things when the prices seem so low. Since I use my DS as a backup alarm clock all the damn time, I certainly hope we get that clock app in North America when Nintendo finally deems us worthy.


Nintendo Unveils DSiWare Round 2 [IGN]

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