Ever wanted to know which train coach was the least crowded? Or what the temperature in each carriage was? Well, in Japan, there's an app for that.

While I live in Japan, I work at home. My commute is from my bed to my desk. Every morning, I'm thankful I don't get on a crowded commuter train. If I did, I'd certainly want an app like this.

Today, East Japan Railway Computer is releasing a new free app that does things you'd probably expect, like provide info about train lines and times, give real time updates about trains, and offer station (and platform) maps.

The maps are especially useful, because many large stations are often compared to video game-style dungeons.


Here's the truly cool part: The app provides updates about which JR train cars are crowded and what the temperature is in each car.


As you can see in the above image, the app gives the temperature outside the train as well as the different temps inside each coach. Very useful!

JR East App [Official Site]

Photo: charnsitr/Shutterstock

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