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New Apex Legends Update Lets You Drop Famously Crappy Gun In Disgust

The Mozambique still sucks, but at least Apex Legends now has a sense of humor about it.


Much-bemoaned is the Mozambique, a crappy shotgun that holds only three rounds. Not only is it bad; it’s everywhere. The gun has a high spawn rate, so it’s likely that if you’ve ever played Apex Legends you’ve been forced to pick one up in the early game before something better comes along.

Earlier this year, when an Apex Legends fan asked senior designer Sean Slayback whether there were plans to buff the gun, he offered this response: “Current plan is to keep enjoying the memes.”


As of last night’s patch, the Mozambique has its own animation depicting the glorious moment when a player tosses it aside and into the dark abyss, where it belongs:

It appears that the Mozambique is the only gun with this animation.

Players on Apex Legendssubreddit seem to be enjoying the joke. It seems like the devs are owning that the gun is trash, and they just want us to enjoy that about it.


(via Dexerto)

Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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