New Apex Legends Trailer Shows Quests, Map Changes

Apex Legends
Apex Legends
Screenshot: Respawn/YouTube

Apex Legends developer Respawn has released a gameplay trailer for next week’s Season 5. It shows some more details about the new Quests mode, as well as some changes to King’s Canyon’s map.


Quests were announced last week, but in the video we see a little bit of them in action. In the video, upcoming character Loba says, “I need your help adding a rare and valuable treasure to my collection.” Players find an item called a treasure pack in a supply bin, and they also fight some prowlers and a gun ship. According to Respawn, the mode is player-versus-environment, suggesting you won’t have to battle enemy squads while you hunt for loot.

The King’s Canyon map also seems to be getting some changes. The video shows some chasms and some kind of generator area. The Apex Legends Twitter writes, “explore a dangerous new area, Salvage, in the newly formed bay.” It looks like lots of things for me to inadvertently fall off of and then say it was on purpose. Previous seasons have also brought map shakeups, so this isn’t unexpected, but it will be fun to have new areas to explore.

There’ll be a new battle pass, of course, and a new character in Loba. In the video, we see her stabbing her staff into the ground and saying “Shop’s open for business” before pulling a weapon from the ensuing forcefield, a tease of one of her abilities. At the end of the video, she kneels in front of her enemy Revenant while telling him “You should smile more,” which is painfully badass.

Apex Legends Season 5 begins next Tuesday, May 12.


Woo very excited for the new season and character. Friend and I have been playing regularly for the past few weeks. Duos really reignited my interest in the game