New Anime Episodes For Pokémon, One Piece And More Delayed Due To Coronavirus Covid-19

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The novel coronavirus is impacting the production of anime in Japan. With a state of emergency declared, voice actors aren’t going into the studio, which makes recording new episodes difficult, if not impossible.

Because of this, a number of shows will be delaying future new episodes and in their place reruns will be aired. As of today, the next episodes for the following shows will be delayed:

  • In the place of Digimon Adventures’ episode on April 26 will be a GeGeGe no Kitaro repeat.
  • Production of new Pokémon anime episodes is temporarily on hold and reruns will air.
  • From April 26, One Piece will air a repeat in lieu of a new episode.
  • The latest Pretty Cure anime will not broadcast a new episode from April 26.

Obviously this is understandable and, hopefully, this will help remind fans to stay safe as well.

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Way better to be safe. People can deal with reruns or older series they haven’t seen.

Side note, I’m legitimately curious about production now. I would’ve thought all episodes in a season were basically recorded together. I had no idea that they did episodes over time.