New Afro Samurai Clips Contain Afros, Samurai

Here's a trio of new videos from Namco Bandai Surge's upcoming cutting-edge, genre-defining game targeted at satiating the appetite of western gamers, Afro Samurai.

I love the art style. I love the music. The gameplay looks pretty interesting, to say the least. I'm a bit put off by the game being released under a label that eschews a name I trust for the name of a long-dead and sorely missed carbonated beverage in the name of appealing to my western tastes. Yes I know Coca-Cola has put out Vault, but it's not the same damn thing.


Samuel L. Jackson wouldn't put up with this bullshit.


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doesn't look bad. might actually get it that is if i haven't already gotten the list of other games i still need to get