New 3DS 'Filters' The Internet In Japan

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In what seems to be a new form of parental control, New 3DS consoles will come with a pre-installed filter which limits what websites can be visited using the built in web browser.


The filter can be turned off for a fee of 30 yen ($0.29), which is deducted immediately upon registering a valid credit card. According to Nintendo, the filter will be used to "prevent children from looking at harmful websites" on the New 3DS, and the fee (and credit card registration) is required so that children cannot disable the filter without their parents' consent.

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The 3DS has been involved in not so child-friendly activities in the past, and it looks like this browser filter might be Nintendo's way to make the New 3DS a more child-safe successor.

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Sandrockcstm Gaming

Eh. That's fair I guess. I'm sure some people will get bent out of shape about this and shout "censorship" and all that, but honestly, for a quarter and a nickel, I think this is a reasonable-if-imperfect solution to the "family friendly console with internet" problem.