Never Stop Adding Lyrics To The Legend Of Zelda Theme

Animation Domination High-Def takes a stab at adding words The Legend of Zelda’s classic overworld theme, and while it covers all the bases—mute hero, chickens, smashing pots, side quests—it’s been done much better.


It’s not a bad attempt, though it feels a little forced in places. I imagine someone sitting in front of their computer writing this out, pausing now and then to hum out lines, bobbing their head to the imagined music.

See what I mean? The parts are all there, the rhymes are solid, but it lacks a little heart, and you really need all four pieces.

I’m a little more partial to the version released several years ago by Brentalfloss, though he takes some liberties with the music and the entire piece culminates in the hope that Zelda’s reward for Link rescuing her might be a little Zelda, if you know what he means.

Of course the best lyrics to any classic video game music are the ones we make up in our head while playing them. Back in the day these simple tunes would play over and over and over again for hours in our bedrooms and dens. Eventually we crack, and the words come tumbling. These stick with us long after the game has ended, often lingering until we attempt to recollect them for an article on a gaming website. I’ve spent the past 10 minutes trying to recall the words I used to sing to the music of the Tiny Toon Adventures game for the NES, and they’re just gone.

I had The Legend of Zelda lyrics as well, but they were supplanted in my head years ago by a version of the tune performed by the band The Rabbit Joint, often mistakenly credited to System of a Down due to an old Napster mislabeling.

And that’s what I hear in my head every time the original overland theme or its evolutions play.


Link. He come to town. Come to save. The princess Zelda.

Do you have your own lyrics to the tune or a third-party favorite? Share it with the class in the comments.



I’m pretty partial to Duane and Brando’s version from a few years ago.

sometimes I wonder what happened to them and where they are.

and there’s the Starbomb (Game Grumps Band) version... It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This.