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NES Classic Super Dodge Ball Is Back As WiiWare Game

Illustration for article titled NES Classic emSuper Dodge Ball/em Is Back As WiiWare Game

In addition to breathing new life into River City Ransom, developer Miracle Kidz is giving another Technos classic some love. There's a new Super Dodge Ball (aka Downtown Nekketsu Dodgeball) on the way for WiiWare, a game that appears to stick to its NES roots closely.


The game is already available as an Xbox Live Indies release under the name Downtown SMASH Dodgeball! if you want to see what Miracle Kidz is capable of. The Wii release, in all of its two-button glory, will arrive in May in Japan.

Super Dodge Ball Set for WiiWare [Andriasang]

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I just can't wait for some old fashioned furious Volleyball masturbation.

Yes yes, on my Wii, har har.