Nerf N Strike Trailer

Click to view While the trailer seems to highlight character-design-by-committee at it's worst, I'm still painfully interested in this Nerf-enabled shooter for the Wii. Mostly because the game will come with a 2-in1 Nerf gun that plays double duty as the game's controller. MTV's Stephen Totilo had a chance to shoot the Electronic Arts developers some questions about the upcoming game for the Wii. In them they talk about the decision to include a physical Nerf gun with the game, how well Nerf translates to the virtual and whether the game can cross the same demographic boundaries that the toys do. NERF-n-Strike Developers Talk About Giving NERF The ‘Halo’ Treatment [MTV Multiplayer]


Awww, and here I would hope that we'd get something that looked more like the old school Zapper.

Still, it looks interesting, if a bit basic. But who cares? I can shoot plastic tipped foam darts at my TV with my Wii-mote/Gun combo!