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Neil Patrick Harris And Will Arnett Eat Lead

Illustration for article titled Neil Patrick Harris And Will Arnett Eat Lead

While we might not know too much about D3Publisher's upcoming video game farce Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, today's voice talent announcement is nearly enough to warrant must-buy status. Stepping into the throat of faux-iconic hero Matt Hazard is Arrested Development's Will Arnett. Will plays the classic 80's video game icon given a chance at a comeback by sinister Marathon Megasoft owner Wallace “Wally” Wellesley, who is secretly plotting Hazard's death. Giving voice to the villain? None other than How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris, who has also appeared in the Harold and Kumar films as well as some old medical drama television show I promised I wouldn't mention. Doogie Howser! Doogie Howser is playing the bad guy in the game! Go Doogie! Wow, it felt good to let that out. Anyway, press release follows.WILL ARNETT AND NEIL PATRICK HARRIS LEND VOICE TALENT TO D3PUBLISHER'S UPCOMING SHOOTER EAT LEAD: THE RETURN OF MATT HAZARD Hazard/Arnett/Harris '08 — The Change Gamers Need! CAMBRIDGE– October 27, 2008 – D3Publisher (D3P) today announced that award-winning Hollywood actors Will Arnett, best known to audiences for his roles on television’s “30 Rock” and “Arrested Development,” and Neil Patrick Harris, currently appearing on television’s “How I Met Your Mother,” will voice the main characters in Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard™. This original third-person shooter with a sense of humour is anticipated for release in Q1 2009 for PLAYSTATION®3 and Xbox 360®video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®. In Eat Lead, Will Arnett will bring to life classic 80’s videogame action hero Matt Hazard. Matt gets his chance to prove once and for all that he is the king of shooters when Wallace “Wally” Wellesley, new owner of mega game publisher Marathon Megasoft, voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, gives Matt his comeback role starring in a new next-gen title that pits him against all of his memorable foes from videogames past. In the world of Eat Lead, however, everything stops being a game and becomes reality when players discover through the original storyline brought to life by Arnett’s and Harris’ voiceover that someone is using the new game to bring about Matt’s death once and for all. “Eat Lead parodies some of the most beloved genres of games and pop culture, so it was important that we find the perfect voice talent to bring both Matt Hazard and Wallace Wellesley to life,” said Pete Andrew, vice president of product development, North America, D3P. “Both Will and Neil are life long videogamers and their experiences playing games combined with their comedic genius and superb voice talent will make Eat Lead a must-have title for Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION®3 system.” # # #


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Will Arnett is hilarious. He has the perfect voice for doing this kind of work too. His guest spots on 30 Rock were a freakin' riot. I didn't watch too much Arrested Development but I have been told that he was great in that as well.

I am surprised this guy doesn't get more steady work.

He just became a dad last Saturday night too. Amy Poehler finished incubating their first mini-Arnett.