Negative Online Retail Review Leads to Threats Shrouded in Death

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Think game critics have it bad? A female college student in Wuhan bought a skirt via China's largest online retail platform Tabao. It didn't fit, and she wrote a negative review for a seller on China's largest online retailer Taobao.

The college student received a package with a note that read: "You don't like our clothes? You can go to hell… in them." The packaged contained child-sized burial clothing.

Online in China, some say the college student got what she deserved, noting that she is a frequent Taobao shopper and a frequent poster of negative reviews (implying that she's a complainer or paid to write negative reviews). Others blamed the online seller for failing to satisfy its customer.


The vender denied sending the packaged, and the college student reported the incident to both the police and Taobao. The online retail platform investigated the issue and dedicated to screen the vendor's searches for 12 days.

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Remember, they are real persons on the other end of the internet.