Need For Speed Flick Gets a Hot Date

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They're already talking about February 2014 as the release window for Need For Speed the movie, which tells you everything you need to know about this venture, even 18 months away. Movies released in late winter, specifically February, are fucking terrible. Critics expect them to be fucking terrible. Their makers expect them to be fucking terrible. That's before you consider the fact this will be based on a video game franchise, a film genre that is comprehensively fucking terrible.


In fact it's no surprise that co-director Scott Waugh's recent masterpiece, the jingoistic, universally panned Act of Valor, also was released in February. Seriously, February, it's a dead month. They're not looking to get a head start on Oscar submissions with a February release window, folks.

Think I'm being hard on February movies? It's a February movie and it's a video game movie. This is like a movie adapted for a video game released the week of E3 or something.


Disney Sets ‘Need For Speed' Release For Feb. 7, 2014 [Deadline Hollywood]

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Don't we have Fast&Furious movies to take care of this genre?