Need a PS4? Buy One at Sony's NYC Launch Party

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New York City Kotakuites, take note. The Standard, High Line hotel in Manhattan, previously home to the big PS4 review event, will be the site of Sony's official PS4 launch party in NYC. There will be shenanigans. And actual PS4s—444 of them, in fact.


Sony's just announced that starting at midnight on Friday, people with no pre-orders will be able to pick up a PS4 at the console's official NYC launch event. Sony will also make sure nobody gets bored by hosting an arcade with 30 kiosks where you can play some games. Of course, PS4 games will also be played at the event—by the developers and producers themselves, no less—and projected on walls and "other non-traditional locations" for everyone to see. Plenty of fun for everyone!


NYC: New PS4s on Sale Just For You [PlayStation Blog]

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"and other non-traditional locations"

I so want to know what this could mean.