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Neat Way To Make Some Gold In World of Warcraft's New Zone

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Tanaan Jungle, the new max level zone of Draenor in World of Warcraft, is full of loot. There are all sorts of goodies, and you can find all kind of hidden treasure in every corner. But there’s one particular item that goes around 15-45k gold on the Auction House right now: The “Medallion of the Legion”.


No wonder it’s worth a lot on the Auction House: Using it gives 1000 reputation points for all eight Draenor factions. And gaining reputation with some of these factions is actually really hard right now (looking at you Sha’tari Defense). The item’s also affected by every reputation modifier including the human trait, the Darkmoon buff you can get during the Darkmoon Faire, and the Level 3 Trading Post’s 20% bonus. So using a bunch of them is a powerful way to get to exalted with all the factions really fast. But if you don’t need the reputation points, you can sell it for tons of gold.

The item is dropped by four Rares: Vengeance, Terrorfist, Doomroller and Deathtalon. According to Wowhead the drop rate is around 25-30% (possibly it’s a bit lower), and you can only get it on the first kill each day.


YouTuber Asmongold made a guide for farming the medallion with a few extra tips and locations maps:

The patch’s still fresh but be sure to check the Auction House. If prices for the medallion are down already, it might be more effective to simply just farm Felblight. Or just go back to do dailies.

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Honestly anyone who buys these are just looking for a way to dump gold, other than that I can’t see any intelligence in wasting 120k, alone, on a CHEAP price, to get to Revered from Honored.

I just don’t get it.