"Nearly Decapitated" Gamer's Collection, Consoles Being Investigated by Police

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Nearly two weeks after the brutal murder of Oregon man David Grubbs (pictured), in which he was "nearly decapitated", local police have decided to start going through the victim's video games to see if there are any clues to help them catch his killer.

Despite the fact there are 15 detectives working the case, there are still "no viable suspects, no murder weapon, and no witnesses to the crime", which is why the cops are looking to "consider even unlikely scenarios".

Like...rummaging through his game collection. Ashland, Oregon Police Chief Terry Holderness says that authorities have taken possession of "two gaming consoles and dozens of games" belonging to Grubbs, and also "a new copy of a game called Assassin's Creed, which includes a decapitation scene".


Interestingly, Holderness goes on to tell Associated Press that there was "little chance of tracking down people he played with online. Unlike computers, game consoles retain little information".

Uh, Microsoft, Sony, you want to step in here? Hand over a friends list, stored messages, that sort of stuff? It might actually help. Seriously.

Police: Decapitated Ashland murder victim was keen online gamer [KOINlocal6]

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Putting up that guys picture and stating how he got nearly decapitated which I bet his family members will love to be reminded of...

Stay classy Kotaku.