Nearing Four Decades

To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Is Sharing A Room With Siblings Hard? Today was my Birthday and I spent it doing what I enjoy doing most: Working here. Yes, I know that's all sappy and crap, but it's true. I can't imagine what I'd rather be doing for the day. Sure if I took a week or two off I could come up with a HUUUUUGE list, but the day? Blogging, gaming, chatting... sounds like fun. I spent yesterday reminiscing with my Mom about my early childhood for some reason. We were on the phone for like two hours talking about things that happened when I was growing up. My childhood was NOT uneventful. Two most interesting facts? 1. I remember once finding a human heart on our lawn in Thailand. I don't recall finding a human leg out there. My mom insists it turned up one day and that our maid called the nearby hospital asking them to fetch it and then stored it for them by tucking it away, hip-down, in a flower pot. 2. At one point I had a platelet count of exactly ZERO. And yes, I survived. Off to dinner with the fam. Mexican, beers, Mexican Beers!! What you missed: Comic-Con: It's a Wrap Pedophiles Award "Game Points" For Nude Pictures of Children Ninja Gaiden II Mission Pack Take 2 Xbox Fall Update Leaked, Hacked, Relatively Useless XBLA's Summer Plans - From Geometry Wars 2 To Castle Crashers Hey, You Got Video Game Companies In Our Blogosphere Primus Principal Scores Mushroom Men The Skinny On Resident Evil: Degeneration Why No Red Alert 3 On PS3? Why Penny Arcade Took so Long to Go PSN and May Never Go Wii Ware Halo Wars May Get Third Playable Race In The Flood Ono: No Console Specific Fighters In Street Fighter IV TV Station: Check With Detective For Facts on Pedophile Story


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