NCsoft's MMORPG Holiday Plans

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NCsoft rings in the holiday cheer as they announce the Christmas celebration plans for their MMORPGs City of Heroes, Guild Wars, and Lineage II, featuring everything from fuzzy earmuffs to grand theft Santa.

City of Heroes and City of Villains show off their holiday spirit with special gifts for every player logging in between today and January 4th, including a special holiday badge, fuzzy earmuff costume pieces, and two special temporary powers - Holiday Spirit and Holiday Cheer. Players will also be able to participate in special quests and ski challenges while pursuing gifts, such as candy canes and a special holiday enhancement set.

Guild Wars sees the return of all the special events from holidays past, complete with all the prizes, all of the quests, and the ever-entertaining annual snowball fight between the followers of Grenth and the followers of Dwayna. On top of the usual events, there will be new quests, more items, and a chance to see the Eye of the North lands in festive trimmings for the very first time.


Finally we have Lineage II, which celebrates Christmas with a kidnapping. Thomas D. Turkey, angered by the treatment of his fellow birds and jealous of the special treatment St. Nick gets every year, has kidnapped Santa Claus, and it's up to Lineage II players to find him and defeat him in a "turkey style" battle before it's too late.
You gotta love MMO holiday celebrations. Official blurbs follow!

City of Heroes Winter Event 2008

The City of Heroes developers have been making a list and checking it twice, but whether players are naughty or nice, Heroes and Villains alike will receive gifts this holiday season. By simply logging in between December 15th, 2008 and January 4th, 2009, City of Heroes players will receive a gifted badge, fuzzy earmuffs costume piece, the Holiday Spirit temporary power and the Holiday Cheer temporary power. Also available for players will be a new Father Time mission, ski challenges, holiday auras, candy canes and Gamester's gifts, as well as a winter gift enhancement set.

For more information, please visit the official site at

Guild Wars Wintersday 2008

Once again, it’s time to celebrate the season in true Guild Wars fashion. This year’s annual Wintersday festival is bigger and better than ever, with new NPCs, quests, rewards, and even holiday-themed PvP tournaments. Players also get another chance at the best prizes and quests from previous Wintersday festivities, including the traditional snowball fight between the followers of Grenth and those of Dwayna. Plus, for the first time ever, players will get to see the Eye of the North all decked out in its best holiday finery!


Guild Wars players are encouraged to clear their schedule from December 19th through January 5th, and make plans to join Lt. Thackeray of the Ebon Vanguard as he oversees and coordinates the most spectacular Wintersday festival ever!

For more information on the Wintersday event, please visit the official site at


Lineage II Saving Santa Event

Santa's Helpers throughout Aden and Elmore are begging for the assistance of Lineage II players. It seems that Santa Claus has been imprisoned by the jealous and fanatical Thomas D. Turkey. Outraged by the treatment that he and his brethren have endured over the centuries, Thomas is holding Santa hostage in an undisclosed location to show the world that turkeys mean business. It is up to the citizens of this fair land to help free Santa. The fate of this and all future holidays depend on all Lineage II players. They must find Thomas and defeat him in a "turkey style" battle. Only then will Santa be free from turkey tyranny. Help Santa's Helpers, help Santa, but most of all, help save the holidays for us all.


For more information, please visit the official site at

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