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NCsoft's Heroic Booth Babes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At a largely booth babe-less show, one MMO developer has the sheer guts to hire an aspiring actress and a model to represent City of Heroes.

There aren't many booth babes at Comic-Con, mainly because the fans tend to include pretty girls in skimpy outfits, and there's nothing worse than a professional model feeling she's being shown up by a preteen wearing a hideously-colored wig. It almost seems silly that NCsoft forked out the dough, but they did manage to do a pretty fine job. Mind you the Suicide Girls are here as well, but when your entire booth is nothing but booth babes, you revert to simply babes, and therefore don't really count.

Incidentally, the blonde super heroine is a San Diego cheerleader and aspiring actress, has had a guest spot in Entourage and soon to appear in Showtime's Dexter, proving once again that blondes have more entertainment value. The tall, dark-haired woman is a model, who has appeared in various model-related places.