Surely, the writers of CBS crime drama NCIS know what a massively multiplayer online role-playing game is, right? And that they don't involve "high scores" in the Pac-Man or Galaga sense? Of course they do, so we're taking this recent cameo of faux-MMO Fear Tower 3 as good-natured ribbing.

It may be the most successful on-screen trolling of video gamers—the ones sure to be offended by discussion about 16-core PCs and 10 meg pipes and online role-playing gamers that dominate the high score table like the impossibly good-looking MMO master "MaxDestructo" here. It's some of the best video game television comedy writing we've seen since Life and The Ghost Whisperer had their video game episodes.


Hey, at least 30 Rock seems to get video game references right...

Seen via Reddit.

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