NBC's Parenthood Demonstrates Why Parents Are Better Off Letting Kids Game

This clip from next Tuesday's winter premiere of NBC's drama Parenthood is really only delivering the sort of common sense knowledge every parent already knows: If you turn off the game before your son or daughter completes the level, you're a total bitch.

I've never watched Parenthood myself, preferring to learn my latest trade the old-fashioned way (About.com), so I have no idea if Max calling his mother Monica a bitch is a common thing or simply the result of interrupting generic Xbox 360 game number five before the end of the level he'd been working on all week long. HE LOST EVERYTHING!


Man, I'm really feeling for the sexually ambiguous little tyke right now. How's he ever gonna find himself if he can't finish the level? Perhaps I need to tune in Tuesday night to see what happens.

'Parenthood' Preview: Max Calls Kristina the Unthinkable (Exclusive Video) [The Hollywood Reporter]

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