NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Will Get Roster Updates, EA Sports Says

Illustration for article titled emNBA Jam: On Fire Edition/em Will Get Roster Updates, EA Sports Says

EA Sports has confirmed to Kotaku that NBA Jam: On Fire Edition will be getting a roster update. The publisher's preceding silence on the subject had led some to believe it had abandoned post-release support for the 2-on-2 arcade basketball game.

Responding to a Kotaku request for comment, an EA Sports spokeswoman said that's not the case. "We will be providing roster updates for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition this season." She didn't say when or how many, specifically, adding only "more information to come."

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition shipped Oct. 4, two months before the end of a lockout that had essentially frozen video game rosters at their 2010-11 season makeup, without any rookies from the June draft. A frenetic free agency period has rearranged the top stars on many teams, while Jam's rosters have remained static to this point.

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Wait, what? WHY? Do people really care? You can play as a team of skeletons in this game! You can play The Beastie Boys! Do people really care about roster updates in a silly arcade game?

I have the game, and enjoy it as I did the original arcade version, but really don't see the point in this.