NBA Jam Checks Off Its Creator's "Hit List"

When Mark Turmell - the lead designer and programmer on the original NBA Jam - came to EA Sports' reboot, he brought a list of 60 things the team needed to get right to make a true Jam.

The series' creative director explores what "The Turmell Hit List" and another original Jam personality - announcer Tim Kitzrow - bring to this game, which arrives on the Wii on Oct. 5 and will be available for free with a one-use code in copies of NBA Elite 11 on Xbox 360 and PS3, releasing the same day.

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I'm still miffed that I need to buy Elite to get Jam. I want a full sports arcade-esque game, not a sim. Plus, isnt the 2k brand the preferred game compared to EA's offering?

This coupled with the inclusion of Battlefield 3's beta available on in copies of MoH make me smh @ EA.