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NBA 2K13's MyTeam Means All Team Sports Have an 'Ultimate Team' Mode Now

Spotted earlier in lists of features, achievements and trophies, folks weren't too sure what to make of "MyTeam" a new mode coming to NBA 2K13. This video explains it and, for lack of a better term, it sounds a lot like the "Ultimate Team" mode EA Sports introduced with FIFA 10 three years ago.


That has now spread, with some modification, from EA's three major pro simulations—FIFA, Madden and NHL, to somewhat similar concepts in MLB 12 The Show and now, NBA 2K13. The basic goal is the same: Acquire the best players available in a virtual market, using currency that can be earned through completing and winning games. It's noteworthy that NBA 2K13 will have retired all-time greats available—Karl Malone is shown in this video.


While the structure is, broadly, very familiar, everyone throws their tweaks into it, and MyTeam's big differentiator is that a player's acquisition value will vary day-to-day depending on how he's performing in real life. This gives team managers a buy-low/sell-high incentive to building their squads, provided they're following the league closely. It also makes it hilarious when someone ends up a total bust. No word on whether currency will be sold for real money, though.

For more on the mode, see this five-minute video, with producer Erick Boenisch.

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Eh...I always liked the IDEA of these modes...but the fact that they introduce real money values requires players to invest TONS of hours to do much worthwhile unless they are willing to open up their wallets. Which I don't want to do because I'm cheap. Because of this I never get invested.