NBA 2K11 Gets a New Voice in the Booth

Kevin Harlan, the play-by-play voice of NBA 2K, told KNBR-AM's Damon Bruce (also a voice in the game) that former NBA executive and player Steve Kerr will join the series as analyst next year. Kerr will replace Clark Kellogg; he was formerly the analyst in EA Sports' NBA Live series.


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I'd love to see 2K pull an EA and have different broadcast options and styles depending on what day of the week you are playing on ala EA NCAA Basketball. One night you may have an ESPN broadcast and crew, another TNT, and another ABC. Or they can keep the ESPN/ABC broadcast the same, since it often is and just add the ABC logo around Christmas and afterwards for Sunday games. Just a thought. I like some variety and what we're getting from 2K lately is really good stuff.

I'd love to see them take another shot at College Hoops again. That game on the 2K11 engine would be money.

As far as the change, I can't really comment on Steve Kerr as a commentator. I can't recall many games I've heard him call. I liked Clark Kellogg, but I agree with HungryBear, who said he's a better college commentator. There are worse choices they could've gone with, I'm sure.