NBA 2K Just Keeps Putting Unskippable Ads In A $60 Video Game

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One of the many shitty things about the NBA 2K series is the fact that, for the last few years, there have been unskippable ads that sometimes load before a game. This year is no exception.


The ads usually turn up as part of a pre-game video, and while in previous years they’ve been for brands like Converse and the TV show Snowfall, this year it’s an Oculus Quest commercial that’s got fans upset.

Here’s a video of the ad running in the game, which will turn up regardless of the platform you’re playing on:

Video: Stevivor

Fans have been and continue to be pissed every time this happens, and if you’re wondering why, it’s because this is a full-priced video game, not a free-to-play mobile title. Folks have already paid in full for the game itself, then been fleeced at every turn to spend on microtransactions, and now have to sit through an ad as well? Get outta here.

In response to the uproar, 2K have issued this statement:

If you believe a single word of that after everything else this series has pulled, then I just don’t know what to say.

It should be noted that these kinds of videos aren’t the only unskippable ads in the game; some time-outs, for example, will also play in-game Gatorade commercials narrated by 2K’s commentary team.




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There’s an easy solution here people. Stop buying 2k games.

And when they say they won’t have ads anymore, don’t buy the game.

And when they say they took the loot boxes out, don’t buy the game.

And when 2k finally loses the license and someone else makes a NBA game, then ok, give them a try.  Unless it’s EA.