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Navy Warship’s Facebook Account Hacked To Stream Age Of Empires

The USS KIDD inadvertently provided one of the most boring video game streams of all time

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The USS KID warship sales through the ocean.
Photo: BotMultichillT

Naval warship, The USS KIDD, apparently woke up one day earlier this month and said fuck global hegomony, let’s play some video games. Or at least, the internet troll who hacked the ship’s Facebook page and proceeded to play Age of Empires like a chump, did.

As first reported by Task & Purpose (via Motherboard), the Facebook account for the USS KIDD—all the cool warships have them—started acting real weird earlier this month. “Hahahahaha,” it posted on October 3, alongside a four hour live stream of the original Age of Empires. Some villagers built some huts, then spent the next few hours mining gold and chopping wood, in what may be one of the most boring video game streams of all time.

“Somebody teach this guy how to play,” reads one of the Facebook comments. The account proceeded to stream five more times on October 4, never actually progressing in the game. “You gotta get out of the stone age my man,” read another comment.

“The official Facebook page for USS Kidd (DDG 100) was hacked,” Navy spokesperson, Cmdr. Nicole Schwegman, confirmed to Task & Purpose. “We are currently working with Facebook technical support to resolve the issue.”


Four days later, it’s still unclear if the U.S. military has regained access to the Destroyer-class ship’s social media page, which it normally uses to send updates about its crew and movements to its 20,000 subscribers. While there haven’t been any new Age of Empires streams, the account’s description remains “Gaming Video Creator.”

Of course, the Navy is no stranger to video game streaming. It has an entire Twitch channel dedicated to it, where members play games like Valorant, discuss what it’s like to travel the world, and defend the nation’s honor against accusations of war crimes. Maybe it’s time AmericasNavy finally added Microsoft’s 20-year old RTS to its repertoire.