Navigating a Maze of Real Lasers is Harder Than You'd Think

Look — We all love lasers. And we all agree that mazes made out of lasers, a la the movie Entrapment, are awesome. What you may not realize is that navigating a laser maze in real life is harder than you’d think.


It was raining, and yet dozens of people came out to try their hand at The Hearst Collection — an interactive laser maze, Art-heist simulator by The Go Game at this year’s Come Out and Play Festival. Originally part of an installation with the William Randolph Hearst collection, the game has been re-engineered to fit in a suitcase.

Oh, also it’s hard. Like, really hard. Catherine Zeta-Jones may have made it look easy, but most of the people I saw actually didn’t make it through. To see it in action, along with an interview with it's creator Gabe Smedresman, watch the video above.

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