Naughty Kids Don't Get Coal, They Have To Watch This

To promote the PlayStation Move, Sony dressed two idols in Santa suits and gave them Move controllers. Ready to lose 12 minutes of your life? No, seriously.


Idols Yui Ogura and Kaori Ishihara, who make up the cleverly named group YuiKaori, play through various Move games for 12 minutes. The theme of the video is "Party With Move". The last minute of this video is the two girls rambling on about the Move and these games. A whole minute!

It's worth, however, noting that Yui Ogura is not just *some* idol. She's done motion capture for Sega's Miku Hatsune PSP game.


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There's something about the term 'idols' being used for these types that, I donno, kinda irks me. Maybe 'cause I put try thinking of how it'd go with Bieber and Gaga.

I mean they are just singers who cross over into various other media, right? Why the need to use 'idols' instead of 'celebs' then?