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Natal Has At Least One Sega Project On Board For E3, "Several" More Later

Illustration for article titled Natal Has At Least One Sega Project On Board For E3, Several More Later

Sony has already showed its hand in the upcoming motion control battle, debuting playable PlayStation Move games at GDC last week. Looks like we'll see Microsoft's response with at least one Sega game in tow at E3.


Sega bossman Mike Hayes tells CVG that its Japanese studios have something "brilliant" up and running for Project Natal, which the company will show off at E3. That may be more of a prototype than a full fledged game, but Hayes calls it "genuinely entertaining." Unlike Capcom's core-targeted Natal plan, don't expect Sega to show up with Panzer Dragoon, Virtua Fighter or a current-generation Seaman this year.


"I think Natal and the Sony Motion Controller allow us to do things that are more about multi, party gaming," he tells CVG. "In a way, it's a move away potentially from the core. That's what we're actually getting good at. Mario & Sonic is a multi-party game - but it's actually good fun."

Sega is just one of many top-tier publishers who have officially signed on for Natal support (and PlayStation Move), so get ready for a waggle-heavy E3 2010, folks.


Sega's Mike Hayes Pt.1 [CVG]

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