Microsoft Announce Natal Partners: Everyone Plus Kojima

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Microsoft just sent out a self-congratulatory press release about Project Natal, highlighting the publishers and developers currently toiling away on games for the upcoming motion control system.


Those listed are:

Activision Blizzard
Disney Interactive
Electronic Arts
MTV Games
Namco Bandai
Square Enix


While some of the larger companies could be working on anything, others given an insight into some possible first-wave Natal titles. MTV Games? Rock Band. THQ? UFC.

In addition to those companies, Microsoft will also be holding a panel at TGS later today where Capcom's Keiji Inafune, Segas Toshihiro "Brown Man" Nagoshi and Hideo Kojima will all be talking Project Natal, where they will "discuss the possibilities for the groundbreaking new experiences that can only be achieved with Project Natal".

Brown Man, Kojima and motion control? Oh, we'll be there. Will let you know what goes down.

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Still don't care. Motion control only harms games. I honestly can't think of a single game by any of those companies that motion control, especially Natal's goofier, sillier brand, would improve.