GameSpot's latest episode of their weekly On The Spot show has Namco Bandai marketing manager In Joon Hwang showing off the PlayStation 3 exclusive Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm in action. The game basically takes the fighting from the previous Ultimate Ninja titles and moves it into a 3D arena. The game features 25 characters (*sigh*) along with support character who drop in to help out.


It looks great, but how does it play? We'll know soon enough, as a playable demo will be coming out around E3 in July, initially available exclusively to Qore subscribers and then released to the unwashed masses a couple weeks later.

Update: Good old YouTube. Thanks Kumuasata!

Hit the link for the full episode of On The Spot.

On The Spot for 6/26/08 [GameSpot - Thanks xpowerdumpx!]

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