Don’t be surprised if Naruto’s son got his own anime TV series. I won’t be.

The homepage for the upcoming Jump Special Anime Festa was updated with listings for 上映アニメ (jyouei anime) or “screening anime” during the festival.

Included in that was Boruto:


The tagline reads, “Watch next-generation ninja!!” (次代の忍見参!!), with Boruto also saying that anime was also his generation.

The credits at the bottom of the image list TV Tokyo and Pierrot.

This isn’t yet confirmation, but seeing how the character already got a feature film and now has a manga, an announcement for a TV anime, which this is not, does make sense and seems inevitable.


The Jump Festa will be first held in Tokyo in late November, before moving on to Sapporo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka in December.

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