Nananana nananana — ARKHAM!!!!

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Danny Elfman can piss off. I roll with Neal Hefti's theme from the 1960 TV show, and here someone's set it to Arkham Asylum gameplay in an attempt to mimic the show's opening.

It doesn't get good until the POW SOCK OOF sequence, and the onamotapoeics are replaced with wirdy-dirds, so I guess this gets the NSFW tag? Sure why not. Bravo, Kreyg, now give us a tilt frame shot of the Penguin's hideout.

Original Batman Spoof Intro [Hot Blooded Gaming]

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Feel like there was a hell of a lot more potential in this joke than the run-of-the-mill juvenile stuff in the vid...I think I'm laughing more at what the joke could be than what it actually is.