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Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.


Namco's Top 5 Revolutionary Firsts [Ranker] A couple of these stretch the definition a bit (I'm not sure Namco intended to create Pac-Man as a mascot; his popularity made him into one) but No. 5 I did not know until today.

Top 10 Angry Birds Rip-Offs [GamePro] Since everyone likes to smarm about Angry Birds ripping off Crush the Castle here are 10 games that rip off Rovio's pride and joy, either in name or in gameplay.


The 10 Most Delayed Games (And Whether They Were Worth The Wait) [Complex] A lot of the names here are well known (such as No. 1, duh) but Complex puts them in order of the length of the delay and adds a note about their quality. Thus you get the double-smug of reading about a game that was both horridly late and shitty. Like No. 5.

The 11 Longest Video Games [UGO] A look at the longest-playing singleplayer games (because mutliplayer makes a game technically infinite) spanning video gaming history. Space trading simulator Elite from 1984 is the old-school entry. Surprised not to see Red Dead Redemption on the list.

Ten Worst Action/Adventure Clichés [GameRanx] This was a terrible week for top 10 lists. GamePro spammed the hell out of Digg with a list for just about everything. Someone else put together a list with "Real Steel" in a patently SEO-optimized headline, and it ended up being about favorite video game robots. And everyone did the best video game music/worst remakes fandango. Here's a tolerable look at action/adventure tropes that I'm including simply because it didn't say "exploding barrels."

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I'm a fairly big fan of the classic namco, but I take exception on almost every point made on that list.

1. That wasn't a bonus round, it was a glitch.

2. If we are going to go with unintended iconic mascots, taito's space invaders (the actual ships) are still associated with the company brand today and they beat pac-man by a few years.

3. I'll give you that it was the first color game, but is that all so revolutionary considering they had the ability to make color games years earlier and namco finally took the plunge because the manufacturing costs had finally went down. I mean I'll give you that one, but it's kind of like boasting about making the first hi-def game when it's merely a natural progression.

4. The first game to popularize realistic racing was Night Driver. Even with it's more primative graphics, it was a more realistic simulator. If nothing else, it was first person as opposed to third person, which is NOT realistic. Now pole position was regarded as more fun, but it was totally unrealistic.

5. It's hard for me to remember that far back and gamelists prior to 85 get obscure, but Dragon Buster is absolutely postively not the first game with a life meter.

Again, my memory fails me and there are too many games to sort through, but just off the top of my head (and verified by google) Tag-Team Wrestling had a power meter which indicated your remaining stamina and Professor Pac-man (which was made by Midway NOT namco) had a decresing points meter. Those were released a full year earlier, but there are tons of games released earlier in 84 with a life meter.

So maybe the people making these lists might want to do a bit of actual research before posting these lists, no offense.