Happy Day-Before-Valentine's Day! Japanese game maker Namco knows what's best for Valentine's Day: chocolate shaped like bugs. De-licious.

Namja Town, Namco's food amusement park — yes, Namco has food amusement parks in Japan — is offering a set of four kabuto-mushi beetles made of chocolate. Priced at ¥4,500 (US$50), the set includes one Hercules beetle, one stag beetle, one male rhino bettle and one female rhino beetle.


Besides the beetle-shaped chocolates, Namco is offering also a special Valentine's Day beetle cake and beetle larva sweets as well (actually, fruit dipped in chocolate).

Namco's two-story Namja Town does have a small game center as well as various amusement attractions, but the main attractions here are sweets, ice cream and even gyoza. Yummy.

Yokai Attack author and game localizer Matt Alt points out: "In Japan, the women give men chocolate on Valentine's Day. So what's it say about your girl when you get these?"


Happy Valentine's Day!

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