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Ready the Sharpies and calendars, for Namco Bandai's upcoming wares have been dated, some loosely, for North America and the expansive PAL region. There's plenty of doe-eyed, anime and manga-inspired fodder for the inner 13-year old who still loves Dragonball in any form and is still planning on picking up Eternal Sonata on PlayStation 3. Sadly, Splatterhouse is vaguely dated "2009." Given the seconds-long trailer shown at Namco Bandai's pre-TGS press tour, we're expecting a "late" to be added to that 2009 at some point. Hit the jump for the when and where.Afro Samurai (PS3/Xbox 360) US: Jan 27, 2009 PAL: TBD Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Wii) US: Nov. 2008 PAL: TBD JP: June 26, 2008 Eternal Sonata (PS3) US: Oct 21, 2008 PAL: Feb 2009 PowerUp Forever (XBLA) WW: Nov 2008 National Geographic Panda (DS) US: Nov 2008 PAL: TBD We Ski & Snowboard (working title) (Wii) US: March 2009 PAL: TBD JP: Nov 2008 Dragonball Origins (Dragonball DS) (DS) US: Dec 2008 Dragonball Z: Infinite World (PS2) JP: Dec 2008 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS3) US: Nov 4, 2008 PAL: Nov 7, 2008 JP: TBD Splatterhouse (PS3/Xbox 360) US: 2009 PAL: TBD


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